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This domain hosts a bunch of (mostly) useless stuff.
I'm still slowly setting it up and will maybe redo this website from scratch in the future. After all, it's still using bits and pieces from my 2018 blog!

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Cross-platform C# modding swiss army knife (static and runtime patcher and utilities), used by many mod loaders, frameworks and even as the foundation of other libraries.


Community-maintained modding API and mod loader for Celeste.
I've created it and am still an active-ish member of the community.


Celeste online multiplayer mod with a surprising amount of active players.
Quite wasteful to host at the moment though as time to optimize it is lacking.


Playground and experiments to get weird games running with FNA.
Direct successor of XnaToFna.
More will be announced soon if this doesn't end up in the trash bin.


Boundary Break

Freely controllable game camera mods for the YouTube series Boundary Break:


Post-compilation XNA game relinker to use FNA.
Mostly superseeded by the FNA ABI compat files.


Wrapper to run games using the FNA framework on Android.
Initially used a custom build of Mono.
SDL2Droid-CS is another now unmaintained project made for this.
Android filesystem access and graphics drivers are a fuck.


Contributions to the P2P microblogging network Rotonde, initiated by Devine Lu Linvega.

Mod the Gungeon

Community-maintained modding API for Enter the Gungeon.


Second ever C# project (after MonoMod), smaller mods for FEZ.
Some fixes made it into in FEZ 1.12.
Very abandoned but still worth mentioning.

Server info

Status of stuff

Want more stats? Eh whatever.
I don't really care if it's leaking. What can happen at worst?
"Oh no, someone can figure out what's being hosted here" as if nmap and other tools didn't exist.
"Oh no, someone can DOS your server more easily" as if I cared. The public web is noisy enough.

Useless info

Apache/2.4.46 (Debian)
Linux 0x0a.de 5.10.0-5-cloud-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.10.24-1 (2021-03-19) x86_64