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Jade Macho aka 0x0ade

Heyo!  I'm Jade Macho (she/her, they/them, legal name Maik Macho, still progressing slowly).
I'm an open source dev with a focus on creative experiments, pixel pushing, and reverse engineering.
... mostly games or game-related stuff - sometimes I even play them.

Since 2022, I've finally been working as a "professional full-time keyboard user," during which I still ended up fixing some bugs in open-source projects (f.e. Avalonia).

If you (or any apps on your computer) are using MonoMod, FNA, SDL2, or Avalonia, then some of my bugfixes might've grazed your computer ^^
My bigger direct footprints can be found in some C#-based modding communities - most notably creating the Celeste mod loader, helping tModLoader with runtime detouring quirks, and having MonoMod be used in a lot of projects. Like, a lot lot.

My most favourite open-source interaction to this day was being told not to do someone else's paid job for free. Yay!~

By the way, this domain hosts lots of various things, ranging from the CelesteNet server, over some personal stuff, to some meme domain websites.
Feel free to check the more section.
Also, this website is powered using checkboxes, radio buttons and SCSS crimes. JS is optional for the background :p


here are some links

All public projects since 2012.

Not-so-public side projects, and older private collabs.

One more attempt at Mastodon the fediverse in 2023.
Code ramblings, creative experiments and memes.

0x0ade on Twitter
Escaped from it in 2022.
It was a mirror for my Mastodon posts for a short while. Then the API died.

Escaped Twitter in 2022, rejoined Mastodon in 2023 - what happened?

I was gone from most social media between mid-2022 until early 2023 - low on spare time and energy, was moving into the city, and the world was on fire... taking a break from all hellsites was a good idea.
I also gave cohost a try in 2022, but it's not really my vibe I guess.

{lastname}.{name}@{google mail}.com
or {anything}@{this domain}
I'm not a huge fan of email, but it works (unless netdata spams my inbox).
Both names work.

Feel free to drop an email, or poke me on Discord (0x0ade).
I was on IRC in the past, but eh. My bouncer stopped working some day, and all my friends moved off from it.
I'm also on Matrix, but don't check it often it suffered a similar fate as IRC.

One-time. <3

Monthly. <3


things I still have time for

Viridian Software
Huh, I guess I'm no longer just modding games!
I'm, uh, doing stuff. And it's eating up all my time and energy, but it's worth it!
It's really fun, I've met some amazing people so far, and...

Status as of December 2023:

... I will update this once I have something to show that isn't NDA'd.

<insert hobby projects here>
I'm still working on creative experiments and some smaller software-adjacent things.
Sometimes I even end up revisiting some of the things from the "past" section / hang out in old places, such as the Celeste modding Discord chat.
Most of the time I'm just tinkering for myself and my friends though.

Status as of December 2023:

I can be spotted tinkering with FFXIV plogons from time to time, occasionally share shitposts onto the fedi feed, have a dozen unfinished projects opened in GNU IMP, Natron and FL Studio, and sometimes tinker with my servers.
I swear, I'm still alive!.. I guess?

How is this still alive?
Celeste online multiplayer mod with a surprising amount of active players.

Status as of December 2023:

I'm still hosting it on this server, but it has grown into yet another community-maintained project with me taking more of a backseat / supporting role.


welcome to the recycling bin

My first programming job.
3D engine with C#-based editor (Avalonia) and C++ core (modern ECS).
If you want to see what it's about, go to granulardocs.com - for the love of everyone's sanity, don't visit the "new" ruined website.
I was responsible for implementing and maintaining user-facing features and less user-facing refactorings.
Met some amazing people, but oof ouch owie. My glassdoor hurting juice.

My magnum opus.
Cross-platform C# modding swiss army knife (static and runtime patcher and utils).
Used by many mod loaders, frameworks and even as the base of other libraries.
I don't have the time or energy to contribute to it actively anymore - I'd still like to rewrite the Patcher component some day, as it just won't leave my mind.
The community, most notably DaNike, is doing a great job with continuously fixing, rewriting, and maintaining what I've left behind.

My previous unpaid job.
Community-maintained modding API and mod loader for Celeste.
I've created it in 2018 and was its lead dev until 2022. I'm still helping out in the community whenever possible though. I'm mostly still responsible for the OlympUI framework used by the map editor (Lönn), and am sometimes seen hacking on a full C# replacement to the existing mod manager.
But besides that, the community is doing a magnificent job continuing the project.

Boundary Break
Look, mom, I'm on TV!
I've created free-cam mods which were used in the following episodes:

Better luck next time?
Severely outdated and buggy wrapper to run games using the FNA framework on Android. Somehow people keep using it to this day.
It started as an even hackier project using a custom build of Mono to run an ancient build of FEZ with graphics bugs.
SDL2Droid-CS was created for this with the hopes that it might end up being useful for non-FNA scenarios, but it's now unmaintained too.
Android filesystem access and graphics problems somehow keep worsening each year anyway, so good luck to whoever falls down that rabbit hole next...

XBLIG deserved a better death.
A playground for experimenting with getting weirder XNA games to run on FNA.
It's a direct successor to XnaToFna, but cleaner and more focused on keeping Xbox 360 XNA titles alive.
I've been tinkering on it on-off for a few years now, so don't get your hopes up.

Sweet memories of what-could've-been.
I've contributed to the P2P microblogging network Rotonde, initiated by Devine Lu Linvega, and I might or might not have been responsible for...

  • "let's semi-standardize the post format",
  • "let's use IndexedDB",
  • "let's move away from .innerHTML manipulation" and eventually
  • "let's stop maintaining this as that other more serious DAT-powered microblog is progressing nicely"

Mod the Gungeon
My first big community-driven mod loader.
Community-maintained modding API for Enter the Gungeon.
I helped with the creation of it back in 2016, but stopped contributing shortly later as university started eating my time.
It's no longer used for mod loading, yet it lives on as an API plugin for BepInEx.

I can't believe I've learnt C# like this.
My second ever C# project (after MonoMod) - it's a collection of smaller mods and patches for FEZ version 1.11. Some fixes made it into in FEZ 1.12, and my focus shifted on helping the Mod the Gungeon community at the time of its release.
It's very ancient and abandoned, but still worth mentioning.
In 2023, HAT was created as a new FEZ modding effort.


incomplete list of randomness

Me? Gongaga. Shows as embedded video on Discord.
Now in HD!

... wait, why is my audio broken? What do you mean updating PipeWire removed-
Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

>my nuts are so big that they make my legs look thin

Celeste Logo Generator
Turn your computer into a toaster with this horribly unoptimized logo generator!
3D CSS transforms are magic!

Tommy Wiseau wants you to go outside.

I keep forgetting that this exists.

Not to be confused with cohost.org.
Yes, I squatted the funny choost meme, but I did offer it to cohost.org for free.
Given the spam landing in my inbox through it, I can see why they don't want it...

Celeste mod updater mod mirror
GameBanana likes to get down sometimes, so I'm mirroring a bunch of mods here.
Thanks to maddie480 for maintaining the updater side of this!

Meme dumpster, but sometimes useful crap or other stuff I need to share with others.


main server since 2021


cheapo vps for smaller things


private dumpster and cpu renderer


raspi 4 in my apartment

hi ^^

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